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About Sharetta Latrice

Sharetta Howze is an artist and founder of Hidden Tr3sures, an organization that focuses on maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit through creative expression. A facilitator, motivational speaker and poet with a heart for justice, Sharetta writes with conviction, and utilizes her voice to shed light on the injustices of society. She advocates for underrepresented communities, exploring personal development and the use of art as a form of healing for all; with a focus on individuals who have sustained trauma and disability. Using expressive arts as a means of coping creatively with a disability herself, Sharetta established Cr3ative Expressions Brain Injury Support Group at Summa Rehab Hospital. She is the Co-coordinator for the Northeast Ohio Healing Arts Alliance, and Art and Wellness Director for VIBE Collective LLC. 

Sharetta previously worked as a poetry, creative coping and writing Instructor at Urban Ounce of Prevention Services, and co-founded The Attic: a program that works with at risk youth in an effort to prevent Substance Abuse. A recipient of The Greater Akron Chamber's 2019 30 For the Future Awards, her mission is to spread the word that disabled does not mean denied, art heals, and creative coping is essential for all. There is a surplus of talented artists and voices who are differently abled but deserve an equal chance to be heard!

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